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At, we strive to preserve the past, as well as expand into the future. We are committed to enhance and expand movie listings through free information exchange. Our goal is to have the most up-to-date movie listings, as well as to provide ideas and information for an entire evening; thus our newest expansion in the "Dinner and a Movie" section.

With thousands of unique visitors each month (stats are below), is a great place to spread the word about your business.

Benefits include:
  • Company recognition (tens of thousands visitors per month!)
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No matter how big or small your business is this is an excellent way to connect with your customers and develop long-lasting business relationships. To become a sponsor or if you have questions, you can contact us through our website at or use the contact information below.
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1 month $50.00 Form Link
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Details: 150 x 150 pixels & linked directly to your site "Dinner and a Movie" ad plans
The dinner and a movie advertising section is truly a unique section of the website. At, we wanted to come up with a unique section of the site that reflects the movie atmosphere. Thus, we came up with the "Dinner and a Movie" theme! The sole purpose of this section is to highlight locally owned dinner/café companies which make up the unparalleled style of the Northern Colorado area. In this section you will be able to showcase either a photograph (Night-time picture preferred) or logo of your company along with a description and contact info. At we have taken the advertising section a little bit further� You will be able to include a coupon for all visitors to print off and return to your store. The unique part of this is that there will be an interactive way to see that your advertising is working! Please view the diagram to see how the listing will be presented.
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1 month $100.00 Form Link
2 month $180.00 (10% Off) Form Link
3 month $240.00 (20% Off) Form Link
Details: 392 x 60 pixels & linked directly to your site

This is the stats information after we switched from the old site to the new site. We feel that it is important for you to know where your money is going and what kind of exposure you can expect here at We will keep this up-to-date as much as possible.
Also it is important to know that this does not include the approximate 400 Visits and 1400 Pages Viewed on cell phones and other WAP enabled devices over the last few months.
Month: Unique Visitors: Number Of Visits: Pages:
Mar. 2011 17,232 40,059 57,808
Apr. 2011 17,175 39,320 56,580
May. 2011 18,067 42,241 60,397
Jun. 2011 17,753 41,708 60,527
Jul. 2011 21,471 52,255 75,706
Aug. 2011 17,371 40,152 57,292
Sep. 2011 16,507 37,787 53,960
Oct. 2011 16,443 37,842 53,954
Nov. 2011 17,385 39,862 58,021
Dec. 2011 17,808 41,993 60,518
Jan. 2012 18,863 45,113 64,419
Feb. 2012 17,972 41,134 59,208
Average 17,837.3 41,622.2 59,865.8

All prices and packages are subject to change without notice.
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